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The perfect gift!

Looking for profound and funny conversation at Christmas and New Years Eve?
If so, philosophy game Nomizo is the perfect gift for you!
Debate and philosophize with family and friends about questions like:

  • Is an optimist happier than a pessimist?
  • Does fame change one’s personality?
  • Is it barbaric to eat meat?


Limited English edition almost sold out and only available at:

Atelier 8, Haarlem
Kunstcentrum, Haarlem
Boekhandel de Vries van Stockum, Haarlem
Boekhandel Blokker, Heemstede
Boekhandel Athenaeum, Haarlem
The bilingual (pilot) edition (Dutch/English) costs 40 EURO

Our good intention for 2020: create a complete official English edition by means of crowdfunding.